Double Dose Of Olive Goodness…


“There is only one person who could ever make you happy, and that person is you”.
-David Burns

If you take out time to check the lower part of my blog (if you are using a mobile phone), or the sidebar of my blog (for those using laptops or an ipad etc), you will notice that I have an inspirational quotes widgets that changes daily. I wont lie and say I check it all the time, but today I did and I’m glad cos today’s quote is so apt. It fits my mood and the gloomy weather (as I type this, the skies are dark and pregnant with what I hope will be heavy rain).

This quote brought a little bit of cheer my way and I know how many times I have said I will make a concious effort to make me happy and not allow myself get upset over little things, but this time around I really mean it. I have realised that it (my bad mood) affects not just me, but people around me especially the ones who really care and worry about me. So here’s bye bye to brooding, sulking and depending on human beings for some source of happiness or acceptance. *gulps four cousins white wine*

*wipes eyes* now on to the good stuff. Double dose of olive goodness. My love for olive was birthed when Oluchi put up a post on how she styled her olive outfit. I in turn got inspired and paired this same shirt with my mustard skirt. Missed the post, not to worry you can read it here. This time around I decided to pair it with these cute pants mum got for me *Hi mum, you rock* and voilà, double dose!!! Ever since I got these boots I’ve been wondering how or where I could where them to, but looky look,  here I am rocking and loving ’em hard.





The look on your face when the jollof rice finishes.

Happy International women’s day to all the women out there.

location –> @blackbeardlagos

PS:  lil birdie told me that Wumi is hosting a giveaway. I would check out her blog for details if I were you…

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23 Replies to “Double Dose Of Olive Goodness…”

  1. That second to the last photo is so bad-ass I don’t even want to try you in this outfit LOL. Love the boots!

    1. Dont make me bust out my kung fu!

    2. I totally agree, that particular photo is so Vogue magazine. 🙂

  2. I am madly in love with olive. Love the look.

    1. Thank you Sharon.

  3. Ayee slayy with those boots!! I love the last picture, your eyes are saying so many things!!

    1. Coming from the slay queen herself, adjusts crown.

  4. Yetunde BeAdorned! says: Reply

    Beeeyuteeful is beautiful ! The colour of the shirt and that of the water is olive!

  5. Ahn ahn ❤❤ Looking good sweetie and yaaaay olive all day everyday!!!! Sorry for my deafening silence oh.. Email me your number ????????

    1. I’ve been looking at you and Bookie with side eye.
      Lol thanks love, I’ll send my number

  6. U didn’t take me. Der is God ooooo. Love d bata. Super cool.

  7. The boots seals the deal, love it.
    Love the 2nd to the last picture, too dope

  8. You look lovely! Olive green is such a nice colour if styled beautifully. You did great. The caption on the last photo though….so apt! (Lmao)
    Hope you had a great day.

    BeautifullyJune Blog 

    1. Thanks alot June..

  9. Love the happiness quote and the double olive! You definitely love this location

  10. errr…what happened to our music na?? hmm.
    I totally love the olive colour on you, and those boots are to die for!! lovely post as usual.

    1. Thank you Ursula. The music will be back soon

  11. Olive is such an overlooked neutral , it’s a really great shade.

    I like the way you styled this outfit, those boots are the icing on top of a yummy cake. 🙂

    Lol @ Finished Jollof. Spot on!

  12. tamaradoubrah says: Reply

    dayummmmm. i love the whole outfit combo

  13. You look great. Wanted to ask if the location of the shoot was Nigeria.

    *Adds blackbeard to my calender*

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