Double Denim – Fashion Trend…

Double Denim

Lately I feel like I’ve been stuck in a rut. I wake up each day trying to hype myself up but it’s not working, and everything I do seems to be counterintuitive…

For the past two weeks I have been annoyingly restless, cooking up so many things in my head, penning them down so I don’t lose sight of them yet for some reason the zeal to push isn’t just there. Sigh! I know that the dots don’t always connect clearly the way we want them to especially when we are on the path to ‘getting there’ but how I wish it was way easier than it’s been. Still I’m grateful for the journey and path I’ve found myself on. It’s definitely teaching me things like patience, perseverance you know the works lol.

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So here I am getting off my brooding behind and back to my 3rd love blogging. I bet you’re wondering what my 1st and 2nd loves are? Go figure hehe.

On to todays post before I start sounding like ‘Talk Thursday’. Double Denim has been a fashion trend most people have jumped on. I won’t say I’m a huge fan but I’m definitely not against it especially when it’s done tastefully. When pairing double denim, the shades have to blend and compliment each other nicely.

Double denim

Double Denim

Double Denim

Double Denim

Double Denim

I really love this skirt. When I first saw it, I didn’t think it was denim until I looked closely and felt it. I love the pattern on it as it makes it different from other denim skirts I’ve seen. Left to me alone, I would have paired this skirt with something else but my sisters friend who actually made this outfit insisted on the denim shirt. Turned out that I loved the combo too.

What’s your take on double denim?

Ps: I’m currently listening to Feels like the end by Mikky Ekko

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Double Denim

19 Replies to “Double Denim – Fashion Trend…”

  1. Another anguuu to the double denim trend, Love it! You are so lucky we don’t wear the same size hehehe. Thoe shoes are too cool.

    1. Thanks baby. Im mighty glad we arent the same size too ????????????

  2. Hi Gracey,

    This look has my name written all over it, I love girly. 😀

    I don’t think I’ll ever tire of the midi length, it’s very lady-like. You look great, the red hat added preppy factor and a pop of colour. The denim sandwich is always a cool look.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Hiii.

      Yaay I’m happy you can relate with this look. Lol you sure love girly.

      Thanks for stopping by…kisses

  3. The skirt definitely doesn’t look like denim, but it’s pretty! Love the shoes.
    ps: You said it already, the dots will make sense eventually, just don’t lose the zeal.
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    1. Thanks alot Kacheetee

  4. Girl it happens to everyone , we are just not feeling it and not in the mood to push. It would pass.
    The skirt doesn’t look denim at all .. love that bout it. Love the details in your shoe ..nice.

    1. Yup it sure will pass. Thanks Sogie

  5. I love the fringe block heels too much, just the perfect tone for a denim outfit. Don’t worry Girl, whenever you’re stuck in a rut, just SING….LOL.

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    1. Sing? Lol new one to try. Lets hope I dont shatter all the windows. Thanls Dami

  6. I can see all that taste in them shoes!!! Love your take on the double denim trend


    1. Thanks baby gehllly

  7. Yes, yes, yes, and yes!I absolutely love this kinda look
    Can I have your shoes please..*wink*

  8. Denim on Denim is definitely a trendy look. I love the fact that the skirt is not the usual denim. It makes this look unique. x

    1. Hi Stephanie. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. fringe ‘n’ tassels. All hail the fashion queen!

  10. I love love love!


    I wanna be stylish in life 🙁

    Berry Dakara Blog

  12. Double denim is always a win! My favourite part of this outfit though? Your shoes! ^_^

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