Hi darlings!

 These days, when I’m bored I take to instagram to kill time till something better comes along. I hope it’s just a phase cos it’s not like my to-do list is all checked but laziness won’t allow me get to the things I’ve planned 🙁

*insert deep procrastination quote here*

Anyway, I must say whiling away time on instagram has sure got its perks hehe. I was scrolling through my timeline and this picture of @adorabledeva1 popped up.


There were lots of ‘I want’ in the comment section, and as I’m so into full skirts and tulle skirts these days I followed suit. Minus the usual instagram bants, I actually meant it. I love the color and the fullness of the skirt plus she made it herself. She makes formal and casual dresses, bridesmaids dresses, reception and evening dresses and even asoebi. I’ve met her just once at an event (where I got this top I wore here) and I got to see some of her items and I must say, she is gooooooood. Her designs are simply unique.

So there I was a few days later, back on instagram when I received a message from her asking me to call her so I could pick up the skirt. whoop whoop. To cut the long story short, I got the skirt 🙂 🙂 🙂

With the help of my mum who wouldn’t stop gushing on how cute and full the skirt is, we settled on this pink top even though the colors this skirt can and will be paired with isn’t limited.







I love how fun, playful and full this skirt. Another favourite clothing item this month alone. You can read the post on how I styled my other tulle skirt here.

To see more of her designs and to order, follow her on instagram – @adorabledeva1 and @Devasroar.

Thank you Adorabledeva, I love my skirt. Mwah!!!

PS: Hope you all had a good weekend? I spent mine at home even though I tell myself I want and need to get out there more. Hopefully, I’ll start going out more and soon too.



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  1. Beautiful. That skirt is everything

    1. I soooo agree. It is everything.

  2. you look so good in this skirt. lovely.x

    1. Thank you Deeee…

  3. Cute! Nice combo, simply beautiful.

    1. Thank you Ife…

  4. I loveeeeee
    My love for skirts though…u look adorable

    1. Thank you love!!!

  5. That skirt is the is also on point…

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