Denim Culottes, Body Suit & Quirky Purses

Denim Culottes


Hi darlings!

Long time no post right? Asides being under the weather, my grand mum passed so we have been preparing for the burial, plus I am the one sewing our asoebi (yes, I sew. send me a message if you would like me to make something for you), so its been busy busy busy!

That aside, I am glad I can at least muster enough strength to put up a post. A few weeks ago, sent me an email asking me to pick some items from their store.

To say I was happy would be an understatement.

Elated is the word. I mean, who doesn’t like free stuff. Deciding on what to get was a little hard as there were so many cute items. #sigh! I had a limit so I calmed down and picked a few.

  • Denim culottes
  • Quirky Purse
  • Transparent strap wrist watch
  • Anklets

Lately, I have been wearing my white culottes styled here, alot so I figured having another in denim wouldn’t be such a bad idea. I must ‘fess up and say that I initially didn’t know they were culottes.

They looked like ankle length denim on their site and the description box didn’t state otherwise or did I read it properly? Oh well! I’m glad regardless.

Styling it for this post was a little hard as I really wanted to go with a plain white tee but alas! I found none *gasps* Note to self, buy a plain white tee. (Hey there Delilah)…

That’s just me messing around lol. So I opted for my black bodysuit which is now a fashion essential ( a post on that will go up soon) and my block heels. As always, I go for comfort.

I love the fact that the top and bottom of the culottes are frayed. I am not big on the fact that they are high-waisted though, as I tend to shy away from high waist pants but yes to change change change!

Minimal accessories for the win.

Those who know me well know I love quirky, fun & playful fashion pieces so this purse shouldn’t come as a surprise. On their site it looks smaller so I was pleasantly surprised at the size in real life.

I love all my picks and I will definitely re style these culottes when I find me a plain white tee. If you find any please buy for me o. I wear medium lol.

Denim Culottes…Denim Culottes

Denim Culottes

Denim Culottes

Denim Culottes

Denim Culottes

Denim Culottes

Denim Culottes

What are your thoughts on my outfit guys?

You can check out other ways to style denim culottes here.

Kisses loves!!!

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27 Replies to “Denim Culottes, Body Suit & Quirky Purses”

  1. You styled them all so well.And this purse is everything not to mention the block heels😍😍.
    P:S sorry about your grandma (Godd knows best)

    1. Indeed he does. Thanks alot dear.

  2. Culottes!!! 😍😍😍😍

    I am coming for them Grace!!! Beware!
    I absolutely love the way you styled this outfit. I’m not really a fan of quirky items…but you giving me a change of heart.

    And, I can’t wait to see the asoebi. Let us gather money to patronize you and support the ministry. Lol.

    1. Hahaha thanks alot Tife for the headsup. I’m glad I could cause a change of heart. Production is ongoing. Items will soon be available.

  3. Lovely outfit. The purse is so cute

  4. this is soo pretty i must say.
    the black on denim is a win for me . the culottes look nice .
    the styling is cool too. Nice one , Grace
    P.S: I’m so sorry about the loss of your gradmum.

    Kené |

    1. Heeeey kene. Thanks for dropping by and thanks for your well wishes.

  5. i love the outfit and the purse is💜👌👌

  6. Wow I love love love this jeans you looks great!

    1. Thank you so much Dee.

  7. I love the pants and that purse is pretty bomb!!
    Nice pun on Plain White T’s, it gave me a wide smile!

    1. Hi Desire, thanks so much for stopping by. I’m glad you caught the pun. Hahahaha

  8. I absolutely love the way the purse brings attention to the entire outfit. Plus, the fact that it’s white makes it look soooooo cute😍. lol coman dash me na *wink*

    1. Hi Adoorah, thanks for stopping by. I didn’t think of it that way but now that you’ve mentioned it I see what the purse did to the outfit. Lol I’ll dash you soon.

  9. Sorry about your Grandma baby. I hope you are fine??
    Loving the culotees!! Styling them with the black bodysuit is very classic.
    Stay good love. Xx

    1. Baaaaabe! Yes I’m good. Thanks for asking and for stopping by.

  10. The culottes look so comfortable and I love how you styled it. Plus your purse is too cute!!!

    1. Oh yes they are very comfortable. I’m glad I picked them. Thanks love

  11. Hallelujah ohh our butt is moving to the permanent site!😂😂
    The purse is beautiful and I love the fact the cullotes are denim.

    1. Hahaha #Buttgang abi. Yes, I too love the fact that they are denim. Thanks for reading

  12. The culottes looks great on you, I fear that I might be too skinny to ever pull this off. I love the bag.

    I was wondering where you went. Sorry to hear about your grandma and I hope you are feeling a lot better now…xxx

    1. Hey Ifunanya, don’t conclude until you try okay. Culottes might just look great on you.

      Thanks alot and yes I’m feeling better💋

  13. Love the culottes! The frays around it have perfect details! You look so amazing in it! The entire outfit is an A+! Good job, Grace. I’m eyeing your wrist watch oh.


    1. Hey Collins, its so good to have you here. Thanks so much and please don’t eye this watch ooo. Lol

  14. To be frank if i had seen the culottes online seperately, I would have moved over to the next item to shop. I’m not so crazy about frays on outfits. But it looks good on you. I think it’s that you used a body suit, so your torso wasn’t “hanging” everywhere. And how about those shoes?!

    1. Hi Oluchi. Thanks a lot for stopping by. I’m not a fan of frayed clothing’s too but I thought to give it a try.

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