Dandy Jacket X Giveaway [Closed]

DandyIt feels like it’s been forever since I put up an outfit post. I haven’t really been in the mood to do anything and trust me blogging has been tops on my ‘feel like doing nothing list’…

Anyway, I’ve always been a fan of Sammdandy’s quirky dressing and I reached out to him for a collaboration. I initially wanted to feature him but things took an interesting turn when he and Tamarah of Ebibide (hey boo), decided we should pair the two versions of the dandy jacket.Yes please!

The dandy jacket is from the Edge urban collection by Ebibide and it comes in two versions (as stated earlier). The shirt like one Sammy is wearing and the kimono like one i’m wearing. I love the texture and how fun these jackets are. I mean, they can be paired in a gazillion ways and still look cool and fresh each time. Think about it.

I really like the kimono version but I couldn’t stop eyeing sammys own. Arrrrgh! Lol. He pulled it off so nicely. Leave it to him to put the cool in outfits *side eye* You all should totally check out his blog. Just click on his name above or check him out on instagram. His quirky but cool sense of style, not to mention his poses, (reason why we have a door frame in the picture lol) will keep you entertained trust me.

I feel the blog is due for a giveaway so I’m giving out my own jacket. Don’t worry I’ve worn it just once, for the shoot lol. To particpate in the giveaway, follow me, Sammy and Ebibide on instagram @beeeyuteeful @sammydandy @ebibide respectively. Just click on the handles and you’ll be redirected. Fair enough right? The winner will be picked randomly. You guys already know the drill right? Awesome!








Till another blog post its ta ta darlings.



32 Replies to “Dandy Jacket X Giveaway [Closed]”

  1. The jacket is really nice..I like both

  2. Haha I’m so winning this kimono in Jesus name ???????? . How would u pick the winners tho?.
    And yh he sure has this cool swag????????

    1. I take all the names from the comment section (those followingvon Ig tho) and place on the random name picker tool.

  3. Whoop! I like the jacket so I’m participating .????????

    1. Hehehe sure thing girl. Thanks

  4. Love this shoot, you guys compliment each other perfectly.

    Love your outfits and love the pop of red too. The jackets are so cool, can totally see why you are eyeing his own.
    You already know I’m obsessed with jackets like this so fingers crossed hope I win.

    On another note whose door did you guys pull down


    1. Thank you so much Sogie. Yes, I know you love jackets. Let’s see how it goes hehehe.

      Lool @whos door. An old door frame from my house.

  5. Hey love, is the giveaway open to everyone. Great post huni…I’m stealing the shades ????


    1. Hiii. Yes it’s open to everyone as long as I can deliver it to their location

  6. You both are the cool kids!! The jackets are nice and i love your top!!! I know one day when i’m around i will enter for giveaway.


    1. Hey Lade.

      Me cool kid? Hehehe. Thanks for your comment love.

  7. I’ve been wanting to own a kimono so yes to this giveaway! ???? I hope I win oh! Sam looks cool though and I especially like the picture with the door frame.


  8. Its always a pleasure to work with you. So much love here, bless all you guys. And best of luck with the giveaway, its an incredible idea.

  9. Kimono!!!!! I love how both of you slayed in that ‘we are the cool kids’ typa way.

  10. The pictures are nice, I love the jacket too. Nice nice collab. ????????????????????

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  11. You guys look so fab! Been following Samuel for a while now and his unique style is admirable. Looove your blog too. And I’m so praying I win this jacket. Can think of several outfits I can rock with it. Pretty please? ????????

  12. I definitely love your whole outfit. It looks great on you!
    Love, Fads

  13. Hmmm. The kimono is not my size.

  14. You really do have a great sense of style. Lovely pictures.

    1. Thanks alot Eyene…

  15. The photo with your hand gesture had me rolling. Love it! You both werked it! You top is gorgeous.

  16. That jacket is so fab! I love that wall!

  17. bukunolami says: Reply

    i am in love with your shades….thank you in advance cos i’m winning this jacket

  18. Hawtness galore! Bia, try and be smiling sometimes. I challenge you to do an outfit post of ALL smiles!

    1. Chei. See challenge o. Okay Berry, I’m game

  19. Your shirt is all I’m seeing tbh! Love the print on it – really really nice shirt.


    1. Loool. Thanks Cassie

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