Cornucopia – Bloggers Garden Party


Cornucopia – an abundant supply of good things of a specified kind

 Two days ago, I got an invite to attend the cornucopia bloggers garden party which held at Ikeja.

Cornucopia is a brand dedicated to providing finely handcrafted contemporary jewelry to women. Every piece of jewelry is created as a tribute to the woman; her strength, her beauty and her individuality…

The Cornucopia pieces are made from timeless carefully selected stones like corals, pearls, amethyst, and jade to mention a few, and have three themes that reflect the different types of jewelry available for different occasions.

Floral Festival: This theme encourages the woman to embrace her femininity, and its made up of casual, everyday jewelry like earrings, chain necklaces mixed with gemstones, bracelets with Swarovski crystals and more.

Touch of Bohemia: This theme urges to woman to enjoy her uniqueness, and under this we have ethnic inspired necklaces with chunky chains, colorful jewelry.

Colours of Spring: Tells the woman “take on the world as your runway”, with our signature coral and pearl necklace sets for special occasions like weddings.

There were so many unique & exquisite pieces on display and the creative director, Mrs Abimbola shared her story with us.

To think that she started out using her dinning table after quitting her banking job is inspiring.

Creative Director Cornucopia, Mrs Abimbola


Some bloggers that were in attendance.

Ijenna & Seyi


Their office is located at Greenville Mall, 58A Isaac John Street, GRA Ikeja, Lagos

The theme of the party was floral dresses and pearls.

I didn’t have any floral dress so I dashed to the market, bought fabric and made myself a dress. I made this dress here too.

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Kisses loves!!!

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15 Replies to “Cornucopia – Bloggers Garden Party”

  1. So nice! Wished I was there ☹️ Plus I loved your dress o! Can’t wait for the style post

    1. Hi Salmah! Come to Lagos so we can attend events. Thanks slit for reading. Don’t worry, style post coming son.

  2. Very nice event Grace…. I saw a lot about it on insta story.

    her jewelries are classy…. I love!

    1. Oh yes they are. Thanks for reading love

  3. This is so cute…looked like a lot of fun nd networking. I saw some highlights on Ifeoma’s insta stories. The beads look so nice nd classy.💕
    I hope to get to the level soon where I’m invited for events. For now imma work work work🙌

    1. Hi! To be honest,the event was a lot of fun and the jewelry displayed were very beautiful.

  4. Lovely pieces. I like the fact that are lot of people are beginning to do great things. Keep soaring dear.

    1. People are finally taking charge. Thanks for reading.

  5. Amazing post, Gracie. Thank you for coming, pls keep in touch I need dresses!

    1. Thanks for the invite. And yes to dresses.I will definitely keep in touch.

  6. The pieces look really beautiful. Followed the event through IG and heard some of the things the founder said. They were inspiring. You did a wonderful recap of the event. Welldone!


    1. The pieces are beautiful. Yes, Mrs Abimbola shared her story. Very inspiring. Thanks for reading

  7. Resourceful, I like! I hardly ever stick to event themes. It’s not rebellion, honest.

    Love this recap and it’s definitely more wordy than mine.

    1. Lol @ it’s not rebellion. Thanks for stopping by dear.

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