Cookieskin – Nourishing Whitening Cream & Anti Aging Serum Review


I have been on a healthy glowing skin journey for a while now and I know it goes beyond the products used… 

Ones lifestyle i.e things you eat and drink are major factors too, but that’s a post for another day.

Cookieskin & Thebloggersadvocate gifted me with two products.

I got the dermal repair anti aging serum & the dermal repair nourishing whitening cream.

This is a big deal because their products don’t come cheap.  

Having used them both for a week plus, I think its safe for me to share my thoughts.

Their products are said to be made with superior active & natural ingredients and guarantee fresh, flawless, youthful skin.

The DR (dermal repair) nourishing & whitening cream promises to

  • Brighten the skin, keeps it clear and glowing.
  • Clear blemishes & age spots. Controls oil.
  • Brightens, Firms, treats and prevents acne.
  • If used from day 1, it helps prevent discoloration during pregnancy.
  • prevents hyper pigmentation.
DR Nourishing & Whitening Cream



The  ingredients found in the DR (dermal repair) nourishing & whitening cream are:

Kojic Dipalmitate, Licorice, PT40, Vitamin E Acetate, Vitamin B3, Jojoba oil and some other stuff. 


Packaging : It comes in a not so basic cute white box with the benefits, directions & ingredients printed on it.

Product itself comes in a 50ml tube.

Usage: Everyday 2x a day on dark patches and spots or apply all over face and neck 2x a day.

My usage: Being lazy about my skin care routine,  I use this once a day.

My verdict: It’s got a mild fragrance that doesn’t linger and the texture is a consistent soft paste (I hope this makes sense).

I started noticing a slight difference around my eyes (I have dark under eyes) by day 5.

The skin there has become a little lighter and I’m glad because I am tired of dealing with dark under eyes & hyperpigmentation.

This gets an 8/10 for me. The remaining two go to size hehe (who doesn’t want more of the good stuff?)

Anti Aging Serum…
DR Brightening & Anti Aging Serum

The DR brightening & Anti aging serum promises to

  • Exfoliate and reveal clearer brighter skin.
  • Firms & reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hydrates & regulates oil production
  • Minimizes pores
  • Smoothen skin making it look younger.



Ingredients found in the serum are:

Water, Propylene glycol, polysorbate 20, Lactic acid,  potassium hydroxide, Glycolic acid and some other good stuff.  

Packaging: The serum like the cream, comes in a not so basic white box.

The product itself comes in a very cute 30ml bottle (not glass).

Usage: Apply on face ans neck 3-4 times a week only at night.  Use alone or top up with the nourishing cream after 10mins.

My usage: I have used this just three times and I didn’t top up with the nourishing cream.

Little wonder we cry wolf when we don’t follow instructions to the letter. 

My Verdict: It has got a mild fragrance that lingers just a bit. I noticed it has a little sting to it (or maybe its just me).

Texture is a gel like paste (is it weird I like it that way).


I would have preferred if it came with a pump to help regulate the quantity that comes out. 7/10.

Final verdict: I have noticed a difference in my skin.  My dark spots are getting lighter,  face feels smoother and fresher.

Hopefully my battle with hyper pigmentation will come to an end soon.

The only thing I worry about is the price.  These products are certainly not for me (at the moment) .

The nourishing cream goes for $38 and the serum $40 but I’d say this, if I’m thoroughly satisfied,  I am willing to create a budget to include their products.

You can shop for their products here

Kisses loves!!!

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  1. Nice review hun…..
    I am still using mine… The anti aging doesn’t sting tho. But filers a little sticky and tacky after application… I like the fact isn’t so drying at all

    The price ehn is doing me “look away, look away”

  2. Am in love with this product’s packaging. Kaiii it’s too beautiful. I’ll check it out and see which one I want. I wish I was the one who was lucky to receive this gift😃😃😃

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