Christmas …


Christmas… a time to share, a time to care, a time to be merry,

Oh little heart do not despair…

His Love, His son, he has given freely to us all,

His angels he has set around us, least we fall…

Oh come and Rejoice! For in him we adore,

we look up to him, his face we implore…





As you all know, I don’t particularly like to wear red, but it comes with the season, so I dared. I initially wanted to pair my skirt with a dark green top, but I sure didn’t want to show up looking like one of santas elves 🙂

Merry Christmas lovies, and remember to always be of good cheer.


2 Replies to “Christmas …”

  1. I love red, so I’m always up for wearing it. Merry Christmas

  2. Merry Christmas Epiphany! ….red suits you!..hehe

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