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Skin Care Regimen X Product Review.

Hi guys! Enjoying the holiday? I apologise for the break in transmission. The last post on the Black Series will go up soon, but I would first like to share my skin care regimen with […]

Basic makeup turned fab.

I mentioned in my post that went up yesterday, that I have developed a little interest in makeup. Just the basics though. Learning how to fix my eyebrows, what color of foundation and powder fits […]

Weekend Recap.

Hi Loves!

Good Old Glycerine…

Before I get to today’s post, I would like to say a big thank you to those who sent in messages concerning my blog downtime. I feel so loved. Hey Jen, here is a kiss […]

Hairstyle Review: Faux locs with Brazilian wool…

Hey Guys! I trust you all had a swell weekend. Mine was fairly okay. Had to visit the hospital (been on meds for a little while now) and cos of work, I had to make […]

The Frauds On Instagram …

Photo credit: Google I was skeptical about putting up this post but my sisters think I should so here goes. A friend of mine pinged me on Friday and from her messages, I could tell […]

Bras Matter… Yup!

  Bra shopping can be such a chore especially when you have to go to the market and not a proper lingerie store to buy some. Most times, there are no private stalls to test […]

What’s in my bag…

Hi Guys! I’ve been wanting to put up this post for a while now but one thing or the other keeps happening and I end up pushing it. But I have decided not to stall […]

Nail Art? Me Likey!

Heeeeey! Happy new months darlings. I know most people are pumped with excitement at the recent turn of events and to that I say lets embrace this change with open arms and open hearts. Sometimes […]

How To Dress For A Board Meeting.

Hey Guys! While I was MIA here on the blog, I got pretty busy with some other things. Some of which I mentioned in my ‘Look Who’s Back post’ but what I didn’t mention was, […]