Mente De Moda || Soul Orange Vintage…

Hey Loves! Yesterday was Mente Me Moda, the lifestyle exhibition which holds every now and then at Maddox in Victoria Island and I was more than happy to attend.

Do You Know Happy?

‘We all want to be happy, but sometimes trying to find happiness can be a struggle. Often times we search for it in all the wrong places or ways, when the answer is much simpler- […]

What Does Easter Mean To You…

 Hey Guys! Matthew chapter 27: 22 – 38 In the Old Testament, the high priests would slay animals, goats, bulls, lambs free of any blemish to serve as a sacrifice to God for the atonement […]

Double Delight || SureGifts & The5kShop

Hey Darlings! How are you? Good weekend I hope? Well, despite the fact that I haven’t been feeling too well, I just couldn’t miss the SureGifts & The5kshop event which held yesterday at their office […]

Mente De Moda!

Hi guys, hope you all had a wonderful weekend? Well I did. I spent the sunny Sunday afternoon at Mente De Moda and boy did I have a good time.

Weekend at the tropicanna.

By Thursday, I had my whole weekend planned out. On Saturday, I would attend the Nigerian Fashion Bloggers Yard Sale, then the art show hosted by Otoxic, wrap up the day by seeing  a movie […]

Epiphany29 and you…

A lot of people may have heard or seen a lot of personal   shoppers/stylists, wardrobe consultants advertise themselves on social media and blogs, but somehow can’t seem to figure out what these professionals are […]

Seyi Weds Dare …

I’m not a huge fan of weddings. My mum does not understand why a ‘young girl’ like me would rather lay in bed than attend weddings. She has advised me quite a number of times […]