Kimono Love – Black Series


I’m sure so many of us are stoked about the long weekend which starts tomorrow. Even though I’ve got nothing planned, I’m still excited. Today, I’m spicing my black outfit up with my kimono.









Still on the Black Series. I don’t have an epistle for this post. The weather sef won’t allow me think.

Here, I simply threw on my blue kimono in the bid to dress up my black pants and tank top. I really like this look as it’s laid back and somewhat casual yet can be worn to various places and events… You like?

Side bar: I’m thinking of attending the NITC 12 (Naturals In The City) but I don’t want to go alone. Is anyone interested? If yes, please  let me know so we could hook up.

Enjoy the holiday darlings and let’s connect on:

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25 Replies to “Kimono Love – Black Series”

  1. Hey Grace,

    You look electrifying in your electric blue kimono 😉

    I love the splash of a bold colour against the black outfit.

    Yes, I plan to attend NITC-12 too, I do hope you’ll be there!

    1. Thanks dear and yaaaaay, I’ll plan towards it.

  2. Kimonos are too cool really and in cobalt blue? super awesome lol! Ive got my eyes on this one now, maybe I would go sew one. Happy long weekend hehehe

    1. Side eye to all of you who can sew … Hehehe

      1. Errr, I can’t sew oooo, I just have a really awesome tailor. lol.

        1. Oooh. I thought you knew. Would have packed all my materials to your house hehehe.

  3. Been following this black series, and you stun me each time.
    But…you should consider blessing a sister’s life with that kimono and shoes?? 😉

    1. Hahaha… Okay o I’ll consider looool.
      Thanks for following the series love

  4. Queen Grace!!! I love this black series, I might be partial but this might be my best look. Have fun darling.

  5. All nice everything.

  6. I love that you mixed different shades of blue (kimono n shoe) . Gorgeous look

  7. This is my favourite look so far in the series.
    I’m still on the fence with NITC too. Been looking for partners to go with as well!
    Nigerian and Natural

    1. Ooh please let’s go. It would be nice to meet you in person…

  8. Going to NITC for a bit. And I like the kimono. I think I want one but I haven’t decided how much I want it.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Yaaay! So I get to see you and Berry bring along my gift o.

  9. That Kimono is really cute, i cannot even begin to imagine the endless styling possibilities.
    i should really give blue and black a try its always monochrome with me

  10. Dope! errhmmn… Can I stop by your place at 4pm to pick up the blue kimono? Thank you. Okbye :p

    1. Loooool. Come at 1am please. Hehehe

  11. Na wa oh, I can’t wait to get to Lagos so I can raid your wadrobe, thanks in advance lol!

    1. Big padlock awaits u looool

  12. Major kimono envy!!! Cobalt has been catching my eye recently…your outfit is perrrfect!

  13. Damn girl…You are slaying in that kimono..totally loving this look

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