Basic makeup turned fab.

I mentioned in my post that went up yesterday, that I have developed a little interest in makeup. Just the basics though. Learning how to fix my eyebrows, what color of foundation and powder fits me…

Proper makeup application and how to blend properly. Maybe when I’m satisfied with my progress, I will consider learning highlighting and contouring.

To this effect, my childhood bff who is also a MUA (Make up artist) is my teacher. She taught me She tried to teach me the basic stuff but I got so lazy on this day and asked her to do it all while I watched. Tsk Tsk Tsk for myself.

Basic Look





I can’t get over this particular lip stain.

Things got pretty interesting as we decided to switch up the look to what she calls ‘an engagement look’. She whipped out her makeup sorcery tools and got to work. With highlights here and contouring there, blush, primers and the works we ended up with a different look which I Loooooooove. To complete the whole look, she even dressed me up in a traditional attire.

Β Basic4






I must say I felt like a beeyuteeful bride.

Products used.


  • Eyes: Glazzi 150 eye shadow palette
    Fash 120 eye shadow pallete, sleek I divine color au natural. Davis eye brow pencil col 18 and miss rose brow filler.
    Water line: mabrook black pencil.
    Eyeliner: Jordana liquid liner black.
  • Lips: 1st look: sleek high shine lip gloss in sweet 16 and wine gum. 2nd look: sleek lipstick in blackcurrant. last look la girl matte lip gloss in backstage.

Face: revlon color stay foundation caramel and golden caramel.
Powder: superior cover pressed powder in tan and Ben nye powder in topaz.

Highlights: Ben nye powder neutral set, millani bronzer.
Contour: Ben nye contour wheel, Ben nye powder ebony.

Makeup by Kate of Rines makeup.

Beads and earrings as well as my customised gele was done by Jenny of looksandessence.

Both ladies did a beeyuteeful job. Well done darlings.

If you are interested in learning how to makeup, or how to tie gele you can follow Kate on Instagram for more information . Her handle is @rinesevents

And for your customised geles, beads and the works, follow Jenny too. Her handle is @looksandessence.

What do you guys think about my look?

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40 Replies to “Basic makeup turned fab.”

  1. Beautiful look they did a great job to this pretty face of gigi. Beautiful bride indeed!!!

    1. Hehehe, thank you Elsie..

  2. Splendid. Totally love all the looks we created. You rocked them well????????????????

    1. Thanks to you and Jenny. I don’t know how you always do it considering the fact it was late at night. Thumbs up to you girl.

  3. I love the engagement look! Especially the dark lips. They did a great job
    I want to learn too oh

    1. Heey Cassie! Thanks. You can. Her details are on IG. @rinesevent

  4. Yaaay…u look like somone’s bride. Nice darling

    1. Thank you so much love. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Aww…you look really beeyuteeful dear.
    I love the dark lips in the second look too!

  6. I love the purple lip stain,it suits you very well. Then that engagement look…awesome. You look gorgeous

  7. The beauty of makeup….I love love

  8. Whoa girl, you gon’ stop traffic with those looks!!!!

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. I hope so. Hehehe, thanks Berry…

  9. Absolutely stunning, me like, pls if he doesn’t propose afta seeing dis look, biko dump

  10. Jeeeez, u look different. Pretty pretty I must say. Am loving the looks especially the bride look.

  11. LoL @sorcery tools, you see some face beats and it is truly sorcery. Me on the other hand cant even fix my brows probably, heck i dont even know my colour πŸ™
    your MUA is killer tho, great job, nicely done….

    1. Loool thanks dear. She sure is..

    1. Yaaaaaaaaay!!! Throws confetti in the air. I hope you like my blog and you’ll stay

  12. GREAT MAKE UP… love all your looks… bride-to-be…lol. so lovely. thumbs up to your bff/MUA

  13. This is beautiful!! I love the engagement look. The sleek lipstain is also really pretty πŸ™‚
    Oyime’s Musings

  14. You look sooo Beautiful!
    Your friend is a talented MUA

  15. The make up is so luvly suits u real good. Especially the dark lips on both pics it’s luvly but not sure it would suit me not gotten dat bold yet to try.

  16. Hi Grace,

    You look even more gorgeous, it’s a pretty sight when make up is used artfully. The MUA did a great job, I love the natural looking eyebrows and the nicely blended eyeshadow. Sleek lipstick in blackcurrant is now on my wish list πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks love. Pls wish it for both of us oo.

  17. You look gorgeous girl, your bff has got skills. I love the ombre lip and dark lip as well. You make a stunning bride.
    Princess Audu

  18. Love love love the purple lip stain!
    The makeup is beautiful!
    I really need to get serious with makeup too πŸ™
    Nigerian and Natural

  19. I love! Kai how did I miss this post? So gorgeous!

    Bookie Kunlere

  20. The basic look is my WoW look- you can tell that I don’t really do the makeup thing. You looked fabulous in every picture, your friend is really good. The engagement look was Super.

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