Aso Oke Skirt Paired With Black Sleeves

Aso Oke

Aso oke fabric, (Yoruba: Așǫ oke, pronounced ah-SHAW-okay) is a hand loomed cloth woven by the Yoruba people of western Nigeria…

It is a rich fabric usually worn during celebrations eg weddings, birthdays, child naming ceremonies e.t.c. Even though I am not a Yoruba girl, I can’t help but appreciate how rich the Aso Oke fabric is and even though I’m not about to school you on the fabric, (let’s check wikipedia for that hehe)  I was however pretty excited when I walked into a neighbourhood store a while ago and found this skirt hiding in the corner. The store owner said people didn’t really like the skirt and I was like caaaamaaaaaaan!!!

For some reason not clearly known to me, I haven’t been to church in a long while and by long while I mean 3, 4 months but I made a decision last week to attend church going forward no matter how I’m feeling and drop every excuse that might hinder me from attending church. Not just Sunday services but actually get involved in church activities.

I definitely didn’t plan to turn this outfit into a blog post but after church yesterday my friend took some pictures of me with his phone and since I haven’t been consistent here, I thought why not. Blog it Graceie!!! Plus I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing after the service (yes I was feeling very happy and all) plus Berry *Hey Berry* has asked me to smile some more in my pictures.

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and preparing for work as the holidays draws to an end today.

Aso Oke

I must say that I’m fascinated with all the different things they can and have used this fabric to create. I apologise for the picture quality but I’m sure I’ll pair this skirt with something else another time and take proper pictures.

You know I love you all right? Mwah!

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Aso Oke

33 Replies to “Aso Oke Skirt Paired With Black Sleeves”

  1. How can people not like the skirt ahh..the print is gorgeous and i agree with you aso-oke is so versatile!! The picture quality is not even bad.


    1. I’m so glad they didnt like it and left it for me…

  2. I like the skirt, I initially thought it was a lace skirt .????????

    1. I was abit confused myself at first.

  3. Hi Grace,

    Lol… I have an aso-oke project sitting on my sewing table currently, great minds think alike eh?

    I like the way you paired both separates, it’s a very elegant outfit. Your smile is the icing on the cake. 🙂

    Enjoy the Sunday-like Monday!

    1. Ooh yes! Great minds definitely think alike. Awww thanks alot Nedu.

  4. I love the skirt hun. I would love to get my hands on some aso oke pieces too as I currently have none. I use to wear it when I was younger though! lol




    1. Thanks alot Rasheeda. You should totally source for some and sew cool pieces…

  5. You are glowing girl.. Love the combination..

    1. *Blushing* Thanks alot dear

  6. I love rare pieces like this and your combination is gorgeous! ????

    1. Hi Evita. Thank you so much.

  7. Ah-shaw-Okay is veeery rich like Gracey! hehehe. Lovely pics you’ve got ma’am.

    1. Lmaooo. ???????????? yes o. Rich like Gracey whoop whoop. Amen

  8. I like your braids. Why does my braids never turn out like that?

    na wa oh

    1. Come let me hook you up.

  9. lovely Outfit…
    and yes i saw you in church , the picture doesn’t do enough Justice to how lovely yourself and the outfit Looked.
    Good to have you back in Church..

    1. Awww thanks alot.

  10. She smiled and I’m happy!!!!!!!!!!! And which crazy people didn’t like this gorgeous skirt??!?! As in, how can?

    Erm… where is your Bath Kandy gift card?

    1. Hi Berry. Yes I smiled. Thank you so much.

      Hmmmm check your wallet oooo

  11. Retro Religion says: Reply

    The skirt is beautiful. Xx

  12. Vera Alazigha says: Reply

    Very beautiful babe.

  13. People didn’t like the skirt? Maybe because it was meant for you. It’s so pretty, I love it! <3

    1. I concur. It was def for me hehehe

  14. The skirt looks really nice on you… And the heels.. (I love love)
    (Let’s connect)

  15. The skirt really looks nice on you… And the heels… (I love love)
    (Let’s connect)

  16. Is it just me or does the skirt look lace like. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an asoke skirt ..well there’s a first time for everything
    Love the pairing , simple and chic

  17. Glad you’re going to church again.

  18. all Hail the CameraMan lol

  19. U look lovely… Brave attempt on d combo. Worked like magic ????????????

  20. One wouldn’t even know it is aso oke. I love the prints… Cute outfit

    1. Hi Tega!!!

      Thanks for stopping by. At first I was confused cos it sure looks like lace.

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