Abaya Typa Friday…

imageHey Hey Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!!!

Quick post!!! The long awaited weekend is finally here and I’m super duper delighted. I intend to sleep so much, one would wonder if sleep is going out of fashion. Yessirrr.

There are some days I wake up and It feels like everything I try on looks bleh. It’s funny cos these are the same set of clothes I’d wear on another day and feel good about them. Well, today seems to be one of those days cos I woke up in a funky mood. After rummaging through my wardrobe for what seemed like 10decades, I decided on this beauty.

It’s long, it’s light, it’s colorful, it’s laid back and it doesn’t cling to my body. Definitely not in the mood for any adjusting (comfort over anything today) perfect for my Friday.






 The mgbeke in me couldn’t resist tying the rope on my head. I sha didn’t pull it off like I imagined. Anyway, I loove this abaya. It’s super comfy and the colors are amazing.

Enjoy the holiday darlings.

Thank you Tobey for taking my pictures. Mwah


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