A Little Color Won’t Hurt …


I had no intention of putting up a post today. I’ve had no inspiration, no excitement, no content, nothing!

With the way I’m feeling, all I wanted to do was wear all black and brood all day but I fought the urge and won so that’s 1-0. I stood in front of my wardrobe and debated on what to wear for like 10 minutes until I spied this outfit I bought sometime last year.

imageThe plan was to be as cheerful as the colors on my outfit.


And this outfit has enough colors to blind any agent of bad mood lool.



Never would I have imagined me in pink hot pink pants but I’m loving it and the whole retro look.


Outfit – @retroreligion

Oh I almost forgot, the printed vintage skirt from my last post is still up for grabs. The winner will be announced on my next post. Sorry for the delay guys.

So tell me, would you wear such bold colors?

Toodles darlings..


15 Replies to “A Little Color Won’t Hurt …”

  1. Yeah, I wld if I am feeling all gay and merry, sometimes our outfit make us feel beta, odikwa aiit…

    1. I think the colors worked their magic but just a little bit.

      Thank you love.

  2. sandra odiete says: Reply

    Loving the colours…..it sure can chase away agents of bad mood and yes I wud dare too wear such colours…..awaiting my vintage skiiiirt

    1. Hahaha, the colors sure can chase away bad moods. Follow the instructions love and who knows you just might be the lucky winner.

  3. Yea would love to.. dis looks unique. Nice outfit.

  4. Loving your spirit and mood dear!…you inspire me

    1. Thank you so much love.

  5. Walahi all I see is fine girl dressed well

  6. Hmmm….. This looks good but am not used to wearing bright colours like this, especially trousers or skirts. I’m not sure I could dare.

    1. Lool. ‘Don’t be afraid to try new things’


  7. Lovely print! Odikwa forward it to me,bluetooth is on bebe!
    Lovely top darling.

    1. Lool. Thank you. Let me enjoy the top small.


  8. Totally love this look! Nothing like a little colour to lift ur spirits!

  9. I would wear colours everyday if I could…and I can…lol

    Love the shirt…too beautiful


  10. This shirt ???? Retro religion seems to have amazing pieces


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